Sound [collection]

by Aman

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    Given that this is a collection and will grow over time until it has reached it's destination, I would highly recommend that you click through to each of the tracks individually for the time being. That said, whichever way you choose to listen – thanks for being here with me. Close your eyes, sit back and enjoy!
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For No Fool 05:31
Some people want to live free Some people want to live free But you don't earn what you keep Why don't you cry for your dreams? Some people want to live free But I can't tell you my dear How not to let yourself feel Sometimes you go it alone Oh go forth, conquer Your hill and bunker Oh damn you think you're doing so cool The sun don't shine for no fool Sometimes there's no empty seat The road lies down at your feet Get off that back and walk free Oh you come right home to me Oh go forth, conquer Your hill and bunker Oh damn you think you're doing so cool The sun don't shine for no fool
ENGLISH LYRICS (Translation): Consciousness flows like the snow melts Rushed by the tempo of the city, I'm puzzled As the pure white slowly becomes tainted, Each time the sun goes down, bitter anxiety bubbles up It's because I'm tired of dragging myself around Searching for a sense of satisfaction December, no longer the only hectic season All we do is run around every day and night - our hearts are empty I can tell so easily how my humanity has worn thin Too afraid to be left behind that it doesn't matter if we're being dragged along Let's all fall together Today the people who look both ways are old fashioned Glued to what we hold in our hands, we walk straight into waves of cars At the rate we're going, it seems like we'll be destroyed before we get to the other side But the pace doesn't drop, who knows where we're headed...? Hey Wake up Let's stop this craziness Stand still, and regain yourself Feel yourself, be alive Pronto JAPANESE LYRICS (Original): 雪解けのように流れる意識 町中のテンポに急かされて困惑する 純粋無垢の白い素肌が徐々に黒ずんで行く 夕陽が沈むのを見るたびに 焦りがこみ上げる苦しさは 満足感に胸を焦がして 徘徊するのに疲れたから 師走はもう十二月だけじゃなくて 昼夜兎に角走るだけ、心はからっぽ 人間らしさか薄れて行くのが手を取るように解る 置いて行かれるのが怖いからもう 引きずられてもお構い無しで 階段を駆け落ちて行きましょうか 今時交差点で左右確認する人なんて時代遅れ 手元に釘付けのまま集団で車の波に直進 このままの調子だと向こう岸に着く前に 消し飛んじゃいそうだけどペースは落ちない どこへ行くのやら ねぇ、目を覚まして 目紛しいのは終わりにしよう 今立ち止まって自分を取り返そう 生きるのを感じよう、感じよう
Stream 04:50
Sometimes I hear melodies and lyrics buried within the notes. Do you hear any of your own?


This is the Sound collection, an assortment of tracks that will come together over time until the expression feels complete. Call it a staggered album or call them singles – I hope to create a flowing series of tracks that will grow, change and evolve with time, sharing just one thing in common – sound.


released November 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Aman New York, New York

My name is Aman and I'm a musician and solo artist. I've lived in a few different places around the world and have my own little idea of the music I want to make and what I want to say with it - heavy meets rootsy and atmospheric.

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